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7 Important Questions to Ask When Choosing a Kids’ Orthodontist

kids orthodontist

Has your dentist recommended a visit to your local orthodontist? Are you wondering if every kids’ orthodontist is the same?

Braces for kids are about so much more than a straighter smile. They can help with a number of jaw issues that could worsen as kids get older. Orthodontic treatment can also result in better oral health and a boost in confidence.

Yet you won’t want to choose just any orthodontic specialist for your child. There are a number of factors you should consider before settling on a professional.

Here’s what you should be asking them.

1. Do You Have Any References?

You can begin your search by asking friends and family members who have teens and tweens who they would recommend for orthodontic work. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Were they happy with the results of the treatment? Was everyone in the office friendly and professional? Were there any unexpected fees?

If you don’t know anyone first-hand, ask for recommendations on social media community groups. It’s important to choose a local professional, as you’ll likely be going to your child’s orthodontist at least every few weeks.

Another way to get more information on particular orthodontists in your area is to call up local offices and ask for at least three references. They can give you even more confidence that you’re making a good decision.

2. Can I See Your Reviews?

These days, you don’t need to speak to anyone personally in order to get an idea of what to expect. Reviews are available on doctors’ websites, as well as online review forums. 

Be on the lookout for repeated comments, as well as those that give more specific details. For example, a lot of former patients may mention the kid-friendly staff or the clean, inviting waiting area. Others may mention the long wait or an exceptionally extended treatment time.

Most doctors will get a poor review once in a while. However, repeated negative comments are something to be on the lookout for. You’ll want to know that most patients had a positive experience with your orthodontist and would use them again.

3. What Kinds of Payment Schedules Do You Offer?

Braces can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000, depending upon a number of factors. Traditional wire braces, for example, are typically the least expensive option. You’ll pay more for options like Invisalign that are less visible.

The cost of your child’s braces will also be influenced by the length of time your child wears them, your geographical area, and the experience of your orthodontist. The least expensive professional in your area may not necessarily be the best choice, since you’ll want to consider quality as well. But you’ll want to know that the price you’ll be paying isn’t completely out of the ordinary.

That being said, you should get at least three estimates from orthodontists in your area and make sure that the price is in the ballpark. Your dental insurance may cover at least some of the cost, so it’s important to check with your customer service representative before you agree to braces.

You should also ask your orthodontist about any payment plans they may have available. For example, they may allow you to pay the braces off a little each month so they fit into your budget. Or they may offer a discount for paying for the entire treatment upfront. 

One of the biggest challenges parents face when it comes to braces is how to pay for them. The right orthodontist will work with you to find a plan that works.

4. What Times Are Available For Appointments?

Remember that you’ll probably be returning to your orthodontist several times for maintenance while you’re child is wearing braces. You can expect to be there at least once every six weeks.

It’s important, therefore, that their schedule works with yours. Some orthodontists may not be available on the weekends or when you come home from work. Make sure you can get to your professionals’ office when they’re open before you decide to go with them.

5. What Are Your Qualifications?

Orthodontists are required to have a  license in order to practice. They will need a dental degree as well as a certificate of orthodontics. Many are also members of local professional and community organizations.

Before you decide on a particular orthodontist, make sure you ask about their qualifications.

6. What is Your Experience Like With Teens and Tweens?

The right orthodontist for you will have years of experience and many happy former patients. They will be able to tell you how they deal with anxious or difficult teens. There will also be many special techniques available. 

Teen orthodontics requires extra care and skill. Make sure your professional has worked with them before.

7. Can You Show Me Some Pictures?

Experienced orthodontists will be able to show off their craftsmanship in the form of before-and-after photos of former patients. They can also show you what it looks like to wear traditional braces as well as Invisalign.

The right orthodontist for you will have a solid track record of happy clients who are happy to display their results. 

Finding the Right Kids’ Orthodontist

If your child’s teeth are crooked, gapped, or crowded, it may be time to find a qualified kids’ orthodontist. With a little homework, you can find a qualified professional in your area and be on your way toward a happy smile in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your child’s mouth now. For qualified orthodontists in the Santa Cruz area, contact us today.

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