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7 Key Advantages of Using American Aligners

American Aligners

So, you just got the news from your orthodontist that you or your child needs braces. With all of the choices available in orthodontic care today, deciding on what type of braces to get can be overwhelming. Whether you’re an adult in need of braces or have a child who needs them, you want the benefit of straight teeth and a beautiful smile. But, you’re also worried about how having braces will affect you or your child’s confidence and lifestyle. American aligners¬†could be the right choice for you!

Keep reading to learn more about what are American aligners, the top seven advantages of them, and why they are the best choice for you and your child’s orthodontic needs.

What Are American Aligners?

American aligners are the leading orthodontic alternative to metal braces.

American aligners are most often made from plastic to match the natural color of teeth. 

With so many adults getting braces these days, American aligners are an excellent choice for those who wish to be discrete about their orthodontia. 

7 Key Advantages of Using American Aligners

American aligners have become a very popular option among adults, children, and teens. They’re subtle, effective, and comfortable.

But the reasons for choosing American aligners over metal braces or Invisalign don’t stop there. Let’s discuss the advantages of American aligners in detail.

1. Increased Confidence

The first thing you’ll notice about American aligners is they are much less noticeable than metal braces.

This is because American aligners are plastic. The American aligners are the same color as your teeth.

If you’re getting ready for a Zoom meeting or a school dance, you need not worry. No one will notice or comment on the fact that you’ve had orthodontic work done.

American aligners are more subtle in photos than metal braces, as well! There’s no need to feel sheepish about smiling in those graduation, prom, or family photos when you’re wearing American aligners.

2. More Effective Than Invisalign

Although Invisalign is a great choice if you want to be discrete about your orthodontic needs, they have some disadvantages, too.

For one thing, Invisalign won’t fit all types and shapes of teeth. Their ability to be formed to work on certain types of teeth is limited. If you have large gaps, intrusion, or extrusion, Invisalign won’t work for you.

If your orthodontic needs are more complex than a slight misalignment, you’ll need something stronger than Invisalign. American aligners can fix a wide range of even the most challenging orthodontic problems.

3. Increased Comfort

People who use American aligners often report back that they are more comfortable than anticipated. If you’ve had traditional metal braces, you know how uncomfortable they can feel.

American aligners are more comfortable than metal braces because of the material that constructs them.

Metal is often cold, sharp, and intrusive. Plastic is smooth with rounded edges, making American aligners much more comfortable for even the most sensitive teeth and gums.

4. Work More Quickly Than Invisalign

American aligners have the potential to work more quickly than Invisalign for a few reasons.

The first of these is because there is a limit to how long you can wear Invisalign each day. Invisalign also needs to be removed for certain daily needs like brushing your teeth or eating a meal.

American aligners are full-time orthodontic appliances. You can eat with them on, brush your teeth with them on, and just keep living your life.

There’s also the bonus that you can’t take your American aligners off and forget to put them back on as you can with Invisalign.

5. Customization

Some prefer to show off their braces and use them to demonstrate their individuality. Another great thing about American aligners is you can add your own style to them if you want to.

You can add personality and character to your American aligners. Turn your braces into a fashion accessory!

6. Reliable & Strong

While Invisalign is a great choice if it works for your needs, they are not nearly as strong or reliable as American aligners.

However, American aligners are more resistant to staining and discoloration than metal braces. As a material, plastic is more durable and resistant to damage than metal. This makes American aligners the more reliable choice.

American aligners don’t require adhesive, like metal braces, which means the aligners impact a smaller surface area of your teeth.

7. Easy To Remove

American aligners come off much more easily than traditional metal braces.

Traditional metal braces can often damage teeth upon removal. This is due to the many large metal brackets they require and the strong adhesive used to attach them to the teeth.

When removed, metal braces can take part of the tooth enamel with them.

American aligners won’t demineralize or remove your tooth enamel.

This means your teeth remain safe, healthy, and protected during treatment with American aligners.

Are American Aligners Right For You?

Now that you understand the many advantages of American aligners over metal or Invisalign, are American aligners the right fit for your lifestyle?

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