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We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

A smile makes the greatest first impression, and all of us at Santa Cruz Smiles strive to make yours a lasting one! The staff focuses on personalized services that best suit the needs of our patients, from kids to adults.


Fillings : Composites

If you have a cavity, it will need to be filled to prevent further damage and decay to the tooth. We recommend Resin onlays, which not only look like part of your natural teeth but strengthen them as well. The resin consists of fluoride, which plays a key part in preventing tooth decay. Not only that, but the resin is not placed at the gum line, which is healthier for your gums in the long run.

Advanced Root Canals

Root canals are a simple and common treatment. The middle of the tooth is made up of an assortment of blood vessel, called the pulp. Sometimes the pulp can become infected for reasons, such as decay, cracks, and trauma to the tooth. Symptoms may include swelling or sensitivity to temperature, or pain in the tooth. A root canal procedure is typically a non-surgical experience, providing you with local anesthesia. The diseased pulp is removed, the canal is cleaned, and then sealed to protect from further complications.


In need of some backup? Crowns are used for various reasons, such as a weak tooth that is in need of extra support. Sometimes a crown is used for cosmetic reasons as well. There are several types of crowns to choose, each type with their own benefits. A crown fitting usually takes two separate appointments, and then some time to get used to it after the fitting. Once some time passes, the crown will service as if it were an ordinary tooth.


There are several instances where a tooth must be extracted entirely. Decayed, cracked, and poorly positioned teeth in most cases would have more benefits if removed if they are beyond normal repair. Some teeth may require to be extracted due to potential to collide with others, such as wisdom teeth. However, removal of teeth can lead to other potential problems with chewing ability, teeth shifting, and an overall impact on dental health. To avoid these complications, your doctor will discuss any possible alternations as well as a replacement for an extracted tooth.



Your teeth play a significant role in your life, assisting in such things as talking and chewing. But what if you are experiencing tooth loss? Tooth loss can happen for a variety of reasons from age to accidents, and this can have a significant impact on everyday activities. To remedy tooth loss there are options to choose from, and one such option is a bridge. A bridge is a device that is made up of artificial teeth, which then is attached and bonded adjacent to your natural teeth. These bridges can either be fixed permanently in the mouth, or remain removable to suit your needs.

Dental Implants

Those looking for more permanent solution to missing teeth may want to look toward receiving implants. Implants consist of embedding titanium instrument into your jawbone, eventually allowing the bone to fuse seamlessly over time. If just a couple of teeth are missing, the implant can be used to restore teeth with a crown, which looks and functions like a real tooth. This can help prevent unattractive gaps in your smile where the empty gaps leave a sunken look in your mouth and stop bone loss.

Dentures and Partials

Missing teeth can cause several problems, from making it difficult to eat and talk correctly to having your mouth misshapen. If you are missing most or all of an arch of your teeth, we can suit you with a full set of upper or lower dentures. For still retaining several healthy teeth, a partial removable denture may be a more favorable choice. Whether you’re missing a few or all of your pearly whites, it’s never too late to bring out a smile you can be confident about.


Teeth Whitening

Dental bleaching, otherwise known as teeth whitening, is a safe and fast procedure and is a near permanent option to correcting tooth discolorations. You can even choose how much or how little you want your teeth whitened. So how does it work? A special bleaching agent is provided alongside clear splints, which you wear on your teeth for a couple hours at a time per day. During that time, the agent bleaches the stains out of the teeth’s enamel, leaving you a white and bright smile all within a short number of days.


Invisalign is the clear alternative to the typical metal wire braces. There are many benefits to using this tooth alignment method, such as being nigh invisible, as the name suggests, and easily removable. This treatment utilizes an arrangement of aligners, which are worn for roughly two weeks, and then replaced with the next aligner. Through this process, your teeth move a little bit every week. The process overall can take about 9 to 15 months , but the wait is certainly worth the while!

Cosmetic Dentistry

A confident smile makes a confident person, and our cosmetic services can help you achieve that Hollywood smile. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that bond to the front of your teeth, removing covering chips, stains, and gaps. They are custom-made to match your teeth’s color and size, giving them a realistic appearance. Lumineers, on the other hand, are an ultra-thin and translucent material that can brighten and even straighten teeth. Both procedures require a first visit to create a mold unique to you, and the second visit bonding them painlessly, bringing out your brand new smile.


Preventive Treatment

There are many preventive actions you can take against cavities, tooth decay, and disease. Dental sealants are a great method for children and adults, as the tooth is painted with a tooth-colored acrylic coating, which essentially seals and protects the grooves and inner tooth, blocking it from acids and plaque. Another simple preventative measure you can take is cleaning treatments, which should be performed at least twice a year. Undergoing this method will remove plaque, halt any progression of gingivitis, makes your breath fresher, and your smile bright and healthy.

Night Guards

Some people experience waking up with a sore jaw and teeth without being able to recall why. This is a result of bruxism affecting your teeth – specifically grinding the jaw back and forth with pressure – in your sleep. A night guard is a protective layer placed in your mouth along the top of the teeth to reduce the stress of involuntary grinding and clenching. Ignoring treatment could lead to teeth becoming unnaturally worn down or fractured, so mind your sleeping habits!

Gum Treatment

Healthy gums are just as important to your dental hygiene as healthy teeth. Plaque on untreated gums can harden to tartar, leading to gingivitis, and could further result in bone and tooth loss. We offer a deep cleaning service that helps reduce the amount of tartar while leaving your teeth smooth and shiny, making it more difficult for bacteria to adhere to the surface. Even for the most sensitive gums, the procedures are relatively painless and will help restore that vibrant, full pink color that you’ll want to show off!